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Welcome to the free online BIC Search, powered by SwiftRef, Swift’s unique reference data service.

This free application does not provide the connectivity information that is included in SwiftRef subscription products. For more information and the added value they can bring to your payments processes, please refer to the SwiftRef product pages.

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What is a BIC?
Provide the BIC of the institution. BIC is the International ISO standard ISO 9362. At least 3 first characters are required Provide the institution name (full or partial name) Provide the city name (full or partial name) Select the country (from the dropdown list).
Enter the text that you see into the challenge response field. In order to avoid this challenge please order Bankers World Online: find out more on SwiftRef solutions. Challenge can be refreshed only when at least one character is typed into the mandatory input boxes
Enter the text that you see above or request a new challenge
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What is a BIC?

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